During the first year of COVID lockdowns, the creative collective SoulForge developed the concept for a fictional AAA Mistborn game.A collaborative proposal for a prospective AAA game set on Brandon Sanderson's epic universe of Mistborn.Our goal was to immerse ourselves in the Mistborn universe's environments and characters in order to give other fans a sample of what it may be.


"But, you weren't born an aristocrat. You're not noble, Vin. You don't have to play by their rules and that makes you even more powerful" ** - Kelsier**

Building our version of Luthadel

As we began our adventure, the team's goal was to produce an immersive, accurate portrayal of what Luthadel may look like. The idea was to produce and offer fans with something from their fantasies that they could relate with while yet feeling unique.Luthadel has been repressed for a thousand years, serving as a backdrop to the war between Lord Ruler's totalitarian authority and Kelsier's band of misfits guerilla operation.The team had several pillars to follow while developing the concept and foundations for the art direction for Ashes Project: gritty, oppressive, contrast, and stylized reality.

A city covered in ashes for 1000 years

The planet of Scadrial is in the midst of a transition from the Middle Ages to an industrial era comparable to the Victorian era, therefore Luthadel needs to present a gritty and extremely atmospheric aesthetic. Furthermore, the city has been frozen in time for a thousand years, with culture heavily invested in a class system mixed with some form of theocracy, and the Lord ruler has suppressed certain technological advances such as electricity or powder, providing us with a very interesting canvas to depict the world of Mistborn's first novel.

Adrián Fuentes - Creative Director


The purpose of this prototype was to obtain a first impression of what it could be like to move around and use some of the unique talents that a Mistborn has by burning Steel, such as:Allomantic leaps, flying, coin shoots, pull and push, and other maneuvers



Inspired by Insomniac's Spider-Man open-world premise, but with an sandbox approach to stealth/action goals set within Brandon Sanderson's fantasy world of the first Mistborn novel.

As a Mistborn, employ the whole range of magical talents, as well as the specialities of your companions, to wander endlessly around Luthadel and complete the steps required to bring down the Lord Ruler empire.


Game GenreStealth Action Adventure
Third Person POV
Open World Lite
Target Audience15 → 35 (Young Adults)
Brandon Sanderson Books Fans
Enthusiasts about:Single Player adventures
Open Worlds, RPGs & Stealth Action

Game EngineUnreal Engine 4 (Pre-Production)
Unreal Engine 5 (Production)


The game takes place during the events of the first of the Mistborn Trilogy novels — The Final EmpireHigh Fantasy Dystopian World
The Imperial City of Luthadel
Magical and Oppressive Government Rule Elements.


Feel the power of becoming a Mistborn.

AllomancyVin's Mistborn traversals and combat talents allow her to roam freely across the Luthadel districts and cope with difficulties.Mistborn Combat SystemFocuses on mixing attacks, passive and active allomantic powers, and exploiting the environment to kill/incapacity foes while avoiding harm.Interacting with different charactersAn organic conversation system will cause the people of Luthadel to respond to the way you carry out missions and heists. By going through the main plot or performing missions, you can get access to new Allomantic abilities.

HeistsPlan and carry out every step toward assassinating the Lord Ruler. Use your active and passive allomancy abilities to stealth your way across the city of Luthadel in search of new allies and supplies... Or go all-in, risking catching the Steel Inquisitors' notice. It's your call.Dynamic AIThe way you act on the streets of Luthadel will have ramifications for how you interact with the locals and your foes on every level.

Concept Art

Raúl Rosell

Raul Rosell – Art Director – Codigames

Alfonso Berroya

Alfonso Berroya – Senior Concept Artist

Andoni Eskubi

Andoni Eskubi – Concept Artist

Iranzu Villalba

Iranzu Villalba – Concept Artist


Our concept of the epic fantasy described in the Mistborn novels: would be incomplete until we explored what the Ashes Project world may sound like.

Sergio Fuentes

Sergio Fuentes – Composer / Sound Designer

3D Artists

Juan Puerta

Juan Puerta – Senior Character Artist

Daniel Palacio

Daniel Palacio – Sr. Environment Artist

Óscar Gimenez

Oscar Gimenez – Art Lead / Character Artist

Alberto Martínez

Alberto Martínez – VFX/Technical Artist

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